Train Re: Forms NF in Thorsgade 59. A super good and functional workout that really tones the entire body in the best possible way. The reformer is a unique machine where the load comes from springs and own body weight.The training is very effective, giving long smooth and strong muscles. Along the way for one hour you will both exercise strength, balance, coordination and focus.

With our physiotherapeutic background, we make sure that you train in the best way possible.

In one hour, you take a thorough warming, then an effective exercise for the whole body, and finally the time to stretch / relaxation.

Our top delicious hall has 10 reforms, and the low number of participants allows us to get around to each participant on the team.

Exercise choices vary from time to time and are also dependent on the level at which you participate.

We have several teams and levels at Re: Forms NF and certainly also a team that suits you.

The reformer has a wide range of benefits:

  • Exercises the entire body
  • Greater flexibility in muscles, tendons, and joints
  • Increased strength
  • Gives your fat burning a boost
  • Increased profits in everyday life
  • Better posture

Just bring exercise clothes and socks. We even use Toe Sox, which is a special type of sock that is non-slip and helps you to get extra firmly on the machine. However, you can also train in regular socks.

We sell Toe Sox in our shop.

Only 340, – per month for access to Re: NF forms (two weekly sessions) and access to our training center and all other teams. You can also purchase Hot Yoga NF for 100, – extra per month.

Tryetime:  A trial period costs 120, – deducted from a subsequent registration.

Booking of teams:
You book space on the hours via our website or on the screens in the center. It costs 120 DKK in fee for not meeting up to a booked team. Remember to attend no later than 10 minutes before start. Waiting for teams no later than 12 hours before team start.



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