Want to try Hot Yoga?

Come and Train Hot Yoga in Nørrebro Physical Therapy and Training Center, in our new large teamroom, heated to 37c using infrared heat. The infrared heat has many positive effects and gives you a very deep heat. The deep heat of the muscles, tendons, and joints helps you in your workout and gives you a better workout. During the hour you will experience much more flexibility and agility that will benefit you in Yoga positions and help you in your flow.

But the heat also has a lot of other positive effects

Cleans the body for waste
Struggles stress
Greater flexibility in muscles, tendons, and joints
Better refund in addition to other sports
Gives your fat burning a boost
Yoga mat and towel must be brought for hygienic reasons. Put the towel on the yoga mat to prevent it from getting slippery. You can buy both towel and mats in the shop on the first floor. There can also be rented towel and have to 40, – per time as we subsequently wash.

Remember to drink a lot of water before, during and after the hour.


Due to the fact that Nørrebro Physiotherapy has a 10 year anniversary, we have, for the rest of April, left the registration fee of 119kr when you sign up for Hot Yoga.

That is, you get free hot yoga and access to our training center and all the other teams for just 340, – the first month (instead of 459, -) and then remain 340, – a month.

Current members can buy Hot Yoga for 100, – extra per month after the first month.

Tryetime: A trial period costs 75, – deducted from a subsequent registration.

Booking of teams:
You book space on the hours via our website or on the screens in the center. It costs 35 kr. In fee for not meeting up to a booked team. Remember to attend no later than 10 minutes before start.

NOTE: When you sign up online, you will have to pay 459kr. We will manually cancel 119, – as soon as we see your registration so you only pay 340 kr – just complete the purchase. We will do the rest for you.

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Get an insight into the mood of this Hot-Yoga NF video

Come and work with us in the heat.

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